traci matlock
Visual Violence & Surreal Semi-Torture & Family FunSelf-portrait with found screw.The non-overlap of sound and scale.Tall(er) Glass of WaterThe body is (filling geographical & metaphorical space with the) divine.ME(E/A)TEverything exists in the silliness we call memory.One pair of Golden High Heels(Dancing.  Christmas night.  These Arms of Mine.)JamesFeel'dTen surreal days bookended by flash floods.Portrait of Children as Watcher, Light, Past.Women watching men watching women.Motion Minus Curbs & CautionsFrom a lovestory not to the beach.Same block, post-implosion.Utopia, TexasReal Snake, Fake LandscapeStargazersThanksgivingTexas evening artifacts.
My Americana
(Reflex reflects.)